Avida Towers Cloverleaf


Avida Towers Cloverleaf

A refreshing urban lifestyle

A big lifestyle in a compact community in Cloverleaf, it’s easy with 11 hectares of mixed-use offerings that include shopping and dining options for all your cravings, a hospital conveniently located within the estate and everyday essentials all at your fingertips, and of course, your very own Avida Towers Cloverleaf.


A fresh start to live big

This ideal community defines city living with its complete range of recreational facilities perfect to create precious family moments and an amenity area designed to complement your urban lifestyle.

Available for Sale: 
Typical Studio: 2.17M – 2.51M
One-Bedroom: 2.74M-3.67M
Two-Bedroom: 5.02M- 5.3M
Three-Bedroom: 5.99M – 6.32M

Unit Size Range: 22-57sq. m

Tower 1 – HLURB TLS No. ENCRFO-15-05-010
(Completion Date: September 2019)
Owner and Developer: Southgateway Development Corp.


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Avida Towers Cloverleaf Amenities


Unit Layouts

Avida Towers Cloverleaf Unit Layouts


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